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Founded in 2001, CECO Management Consultants has been providing consulting services to financial services firms for over nine years. Clients include commercial banks, consumer banks, credit unions, investment managers, insurance companies, brokerage firms, community banks, and mortgage banks.

CECO Management Consultants is committed to delivering tangible, measurable benefits to the operating results of our clients. All consultants have a combination of line, staff and consulting experience in virtually every line of business. As a result of this extensive experience, we bring a comprehensive and balanced approach to our projects. This ensures success in terms of both the underlying business objectives involved and the organization’s ability to execute.

CECO is Capital Efficiency Consulting

What is Capital Efficiency? Capital Efficiency means aligning the resources of the organization to support the needs and expectations of your customers effectively. Capital Efficiency ensures the following:

  • maximizing gross revenue,
  • providing a high level of products and services through effective and efficient processes,
  • minimizing non-earning assets,
  • providing technology that meets customer needs and reduces delivery cost,
  • staffing the organization with knowledgeable and skilled people that are capable of providing strong results at minimal costs,
  • sustaining an organization structure that is designed around the customer

How does CECO Management Consultants help you achieve Capital Efficiency? CECO provides value added benefits that are tangible and measurable to financial services companies. Our goal is to ensure our clients are capital efficient through the following types of projects:

We take a holistic view of the organization approach to all projects. This approach ensures that proposed changes identify all the benefits and risks in order to achieve sustainable results.

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A disturbing trend is revealed through statistical analysis of the past few years of the bank industry's performance.

Most bank leaders are delivering mediocre results, yet they believe they have good reasons and excuses for a lackluster performance. Bank leaders today can provide much better customer service at less cost and even maximize profits, but they are not doing so. Ironically, bank leaders can profit on individual customers regardless if they are high net worth individuals or a part of the under banked (a growing and profitable segment that has been highly overlooked throughout the U.S.).

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CECO is Capital Efficiency Consulting. CECO Management Consultants serves clients throughout the United States. We help our clients maximize gross revenue, streamline processes, leverage technology, create meaningful strategic plans and improve business operational effectiveness.

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